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Athens Line

A 90 minute cultural and historical tour around the centre of Athens, a modern city with an Ancient past, still dominated by the Acropolis, a 5th-century BC landmark topped by the awe inspiring Parthenon temple.

Athens & Piraeus Line

The Port of Piraeus is the biggest in the Mediterranean Sea it served as the port of Athens since the ancient times, with docks for 196 triremes which had won the day at the epic battle of Salamis in 480bC.

Athens & Beach-Riviera Line

This tour provides the perfect way to see all the best sights along the Argosaronic Gulf coastal road with 6 famous beaches along the way . Including Vouliagmeni Spa Lake, with warm therapeutic water and stunning scenery.

Cruise Ship Passengers

Athens & Piraeus Lines  : This Tour connects the Acropolis with the Cruise ships in the Port.  From Piraeus, buses will be waiting for passengers outside the Cruise Terminals. Passengers with pre-purchased tickets will skip the lines.  

Combo Tours

Athens Line + Sounion

(operated by KTEL Attikis)

Why not make the most of your red bus trip and book another activity on offer. Just purchase our Athens Line ticket and combine it with the Sounion transfer. There are about 7 orange-Coach Transfers to Sounion and v.v .  Each return ticket cost 15€ and covers the  two routings to Sounion,  about 70 klms each way. You  can pick up the ticket from our red bus escort or driver.

Athens Line + Sunset Cruise

(operated by Dolce Vita)

Swim – Sun beds  – Welcome drink ( Ouzo )  – Professional DJ and Greek dance “Opa”  – Meze (Catering finger food) – Greek Dancers – Multilingual professional Staff

Athens Line + Full Day Cruise

(operated by Dolce Vita)

Swim at the emerald waters of Agistri & Souvala – Sun beds – Mezes – Explore Aegina island for two hours (free)  – Multilingual professional Staff