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Athens & Piraeus Line

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Discover the City with our Tours & Attractions

Marina Zea

also known as Pasalimani Harbour. it is a popular, gentle stroll for locals along the harbour promenade past myriads of colourful yachts, small boats, bars and tavernas. A popular place day and night to  hang out, sip a coffee and watch the sun or harbour lights play on the water. A peaceful yet hectic place worth visiting.


another picturesque harbour to explore, crammed full of small fishing boats and waterfront seafood eateries. In Greek, the name means small port. In ancient Greek times, it was known as Mounichia Port, home of the famous Triremes that fought and won the epic and historic battle of Salamis that changed the course of European History. If one likes to dine right on the water then this is the place to go for lunch or dinner; a long sweeping line of quality fish restaurants and tavernas with tables right by the water, offering modern or traditional Greek cooking. The area is fairly buzzing at night.

The Municipal Theatre

of interest to theatre buffs , this theatre is one of the impressive neoclassical buildings of Piraeus.  It opened at the end of the 19th century and since then many famous Greek directors have presented their works here.  It has the same layout of the Theatre d’Odeon de Paris. This is the stop to hop off if you intend to go shopping.  


A long, picturesque curve around the horn of Piraeus, facing Aegina and Salamis Islands. On a clear day you can see them and it is worth listening to our commentary here. With the sea of your right, you will notice many fish tavernas on your left. If you fancy lunch then simply ask our driver and he will pull up right outside and you will be collected according to the next time of passing.

The Acropolis & Parthenon

Interchange point with Piraeus Line.

The 2400 year old Acropolis is the symbol of the Ancient Greek civilization whose art, theatre, literature and idea of Democracy still influence our world today. Two free walks start from here.